Was That A Commercial For BMW Motorcycles?

When was the last time you saw a TV commercial here in the US for BMW Motorcycles?  Think hard.  Tonight on March 1, 2013 BMW Motorrad USA (motorcycles) kicks off a 4 month campaign of 4 different TV commercials.  The campaign is named “Feed Your Restless” (hint: clicking that link will take you to the BMW Motorrad USA page with all 4 commercials).  The commercials feature the three largest selling styles of BMW motorcycles, sport (featuring the S100RR), dual sport (GS series) and luxury sport touring (K1600GT & GTL).  The fourth commercial combines all three but will be tagged to a BMW Motorcycles Dealer in each the TV market.

So go ahead, click that link and look.  You know you want to.

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One thought on “Was That A Commercial For BMW Motorcycles?

  1. BMW’s have changed a lot since I had my gold-flaked BMW R100RS boxer in the 80’s. It was really unique back then. BMW’s are more like other motorbikes now. On the R100RS, I had to lean the bike to the left while waiting at traffic lights, as the bike would twist up suddenly when you opened up the throttle – great fun! Also, I was fortunate enough to have the large blocks of rubber in the rear wheel but even so, changing down into 1st gear usually meant you ended up in somebody else’s front garden! On the touring front, you could sit up at 120mph and do hundreds and hundreds of miles every day, totally chilled out and relaxed. No other bike, I’ve had since, ever came close to the awesome fairing on that BMW! Brilliantly designed in a wind tunnel and really properly made and secure on the bike. I quite miss my old BMW and regret that I sold it. A really great bike. With the new ones like the S100RR, I’m not too sure where BMW are going. And the GS 1200 of Charley Boorman with clunky aluminium boxes? No, not for me. Seeing poor Charley struggle with it every time it falls over worries me. I’m currently riding a Suzuki Inazuma 250 tourer, 183kg no less, but the weight goes soon after you get moving. The other adventure bike I was considering buying (particularly for fuel economy, which is important these days) was the new Honda CB500X. BMW’s are quite pricey these days but I suppose they should be because there’s a lot to them. Maybe I liked my old R100RS most of all because it was so simple and reliable. I miss it when I look back into my old photo albums!


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