An Accessory for Donna

Get your minds out of the gutter!

But on the BMWMOA flea market I bought Donna a pair of BMW floorboards for the K1200LT.  Their was an owner who had sold his K1200LT and removed some accessories to sell separate from the motorcycle.  Donna had floorboards on our Suzuki C50T Boulevard, one of those “Harley-A-Like” motorcycles.  Since getting the K1200LT she has mentioned the idea of the floorboards a few times.  You see, for some reason the BMW K1200LT was the only luxury touring motorcycle that came with footpegs instead of floorboards.  BMW of course would sell them to you for a price they were very proud of.  A company named Illium also makes passenger floorboards for the motorcycle but they’re smaller and if you want the adjustable ones (like the BMW ones are) instead of fixed, their price approaches the BMW boards.  I got these used floorboards at a nice discount as they were used.  The advantage of the BMW floorboards is that they are adjustable up and down (6 settings) without the use of tools, are larger and the entire foot surface is rubber.

I hope to be able to get Donna to write an article on the floorboards after she’s ridden with them.

Original, wide BMW footpeg.

Original, wide BMW footpeg.

The adjustable BMW floorboard.

The adjustable BMW floorboard.

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