We Don’t Have Date Night, We Have Date Rides

Yep, you read that right we have “Date Rides” and today was one of them.

It had been a while since Donna was on the back of the Magic Carpet.  In fact she may not have ridden yet this year.  This past Wednesday we woke to a dusting of snow on deck and rooftop here in northern Georgia.  Further north in the state they had snow on the ground again.  Fast forward to today, Friday.  The forecast was for temperatures just above 60 degrees and for a cloudless blue sky.  Over morning coffee we decided it was time for a “Date Ride”.

We headed north from the house going through Canton and Jasper while headed for a different than normal route, going through Talking Rock, Georgia this time.  In Talking Rock we took GA HWY 136 over Burnt Mountain were there was still some snow along the side of the road at the higher elevations.  There was also a good bit of the gravel that GDOT had so generously spread on the road, especially in the curves on the mountain.  There was enough that you could see it in the center of the lanes so we didn’t take the curves as “spirited” as we would’ve like to blow out some cobwebs.  The plan was to head up through Dahlonega then up over Blood Mountain and have lunch in Blairsville before heading for home.  Now here’s the advantage to a “Date Ride” with just the two of us.  We changed our plans along the way while riding.  We decided on lunch at Turner’s Corner Café in Cleveland and then heading for home.

During the ride, Donna said she was formulating an article in her head about the floorboards that she likes.  I like the ear plugs so much that I recently got some E.A.R. Do It Yourself Custom Molded Ear Plugs.  The jury is still out on the custom plugs.  I had to raise the volume on the intercom to hear it and the GPS (and they were muffled) so they’re definitely quieter.  But there seemed to be more wind noise.  The other Etymotic plugs I had gotten are designed to block sound but let conversation be heard.  I’ll have to try them both on a ride one day to compare them better.

It was a really great day for a “Date Ride”.

Until next time, Ride Safe.

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One thought on “We Don’t Have Date Night, We Have Date Rides

  1. A good read,
    I have started to read some of your previous post and will get back to reading more when time is permitting.

    Ride Safe


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