We Needed This Ride!

Donna and I went on our first two-up ride in well over a month today.  With everything that’s been going on and trips to Florida we needed to just get out and ride for fun.  My Blue Knights Chapter was going to ride and go to lunch at Bigun’s Barbeque in Talking Rock, GA.  But they were meeting over near Cumming, GA.  Sean, who lives much closer to us wanted to meet somewhere closer to home and we’d ride up on our own and meet the rest of the Chapter at the restaurant.

Donna remembered how to climb onto the back of the motorcycle and off we went.  It was good having her back there again.  Sean led us on a nice ride up to the restaurant.  Our ride took us all the way up East Cherokee DR.  A nice curvy portion had just been paved (the equipment was still parked off the road) so it had that nice new, smooth and “grippy” asphalt.  It was fun!  We did meet the rest of the group when they arrived at the restaurant behind us.  The barbeque wasn’t all that impressive but it was more about being with friends.  Man, we needed that ride!

The Magic Carpet and its often riding partner The Roadrunner at Bigun’s Barbeque.


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4 thoughts on “We Needed This Ride!

  1. Amen to that. I wish my wife would ride again but alas I still get my therapy in. The weather has not been conducive to riding but I sneak between the clouds.


  2. Nothing like therapy together. Ride on Brother Blue Knight, ride on.


  3. Thanks!


  4. Good to here you both getting out. Clears the mind and soul.



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