This Has Nothing To Do With Motorcycles But Is Cool

That’s right, this post has nothing at all to do with motorcycles.  But it’s cool and is nature related.  Yesterday Donna told me “Chris look out in the front yard!”  There was a pretty big doe grazing in the yard without a care in the world.  That’s right, deer.  You see, we don’t live in a very urbanized area.  In fact our back yard is the property line for Lake Allatoona and the Army Corps of Engineers so it’s a pretty wooded area.  In one of the videos here, our neighbor had backed her car out of her driveway and then drove right past the deer.  The deer didn’t even flinch!  Ok, maybe I fibbed about not being motorcycle related.  When another neighbor came up the street on his motorcycle and did a double take to look at the deer, she took off but only went next door!

If the video pauses and then starts in the middle, just let it play, then simply “replay” it.  The longest of the two is only 15 seconds long.




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