Photographers On The Tail Of The Dragon

From an earlier post you may have read that we went up this past weekend and rode a section of road known as “The Tail Of The Dragon”.  It’s an 11 mile stretch of US Highway 129 in North Carolina and Tennessee that boasts 318 curves.  I don’t think they’re lying.  The stretch of road is near Robbinsville, NC and the Cherohala Skyway.

We first rode this stretch of road over 4 years ago.  When we did, there was one roadside photographer with one location set up.  You could ride, go home and in a day or two look for your picture on the website and order it.  There are now no less than 3 different photographers set up and some even have multiple locations.  From looking at the web sites they’re pretty good at what they do and have invested in their equipment.  For the most part their images are sharp and framed well, unlike some we’ve seen at other locations.  We’ve ridden the stretch of road several times but have never ordered any of the pictures.  So this time we decided to order two pictures from who is the original photographer along the Tail Of The Dragon.  The pictures are from two of the three locations Killboy had set up that day.

Photo taken by of us riding The Tail Of The Dragon.


Captured riding The Tail Of The Dragon by

It seems many motorcyclists have heard of The Tail Of The Dragon but let’s face it, because of distances involved have never ridden it.  I’ve added a picture here of the stretch of road for you to look at.  Notice that there are no intersecting road other than the driveway at the southeastern end.

The 11 mile stretch of road with its 318 curves.

The 11 mile stretch of road with its 318 curves.


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2 thoughts on “Photographers On The Tail Of The Dragon

  1. #26 of my 100 things to do before it’s to late 🙂


    • Should you ever get to it, the middle of the week is the best time to ride it. But then you might have to deal with trucks coming in from Tennessee (North Carolina prohibits trucks). The weekends are a zoo! But it may be worth it for the show.


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