Of Mesh And Hi-vis

Back this winter I got a hi-vis mesh vest.  I like it.  I wear it over my Fieldsheer jacket and all by itself.  I’ve recently been wanting a hi-vis mesh jacket.  I’ve been hearing so many talk of how the mesh is actually cooler than a t-shirt.  Well this past week I ordered a Shadow Scorcher Mesh Jacket from Competition Accessories in North Carolina.  I ordered the jacket in the hi-vis green and black.

First off the mesh jacket is cooler and here’s why.  When it’s sunny your arms are outstretched and the rays from the sun are radiating onto them, heating them up.  The mesh keeps your arms in the shade as the mesh allow sweat to evaporate.  As soon as you start to move, cool air from the shad moves around your arms and torso.  Yes, you are cooler.  Now when you’re stopped in traffic I think I was just as warm (maybe a tad cooler) than wearing just a t-shirt.  But the breeze the mesh allows through allows you to cool off quickly.  The armor in the shoulders, elbows and back is a plus.  The jacket came with a zip out waterproof rain and wind liner too.  The only drawback is that the green is not as “bright” as the web site shows and is more “green” but it’s plenty bright enough to make you seen.  I wore it yesterday while out riding in a variety of traffic conditions in the Georgia first day of summer heat.  Temperatures were about 85 degrees farenheit (that about 29 degrees for you Celsius folk) and high humidity.  For the most part I was comfortable and liked the breeze channeled around me.  I never felt hot.  And the bright green did stand out in the rear view mirrors in the sunshine.

And what’s even better is that on Monday when I ordered, the jacket was on sale $89.99 before using my “Comp Cash” and a Father’s Day Discount coupon.  Today, the jacket is back to its normal price of $99.99.

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