All You Can Ride And All You Can Eat

It was a beautiful day to go out riding today.  We met some friends and we headed up to Young Harris, Georgia.  From our meeting location in Jasper, GA to home we totaled 216 miles on the Magic Carpet today.  We took some nice roads that we’ve been on numerous times but that doesn’t make them any less fun.  We stopped in at Rider’s Hill near Dahlonega to look around before heading for our planned lunch stop at the Brasstown Valley Resort for their Pasta, Soup, Salad & Dessert Buffet!

Usually I cringe when I get behind a car with a Florida license plate while riding in the mountains.  It seems like those “flatlanders” are either scared to ride on mountain roads (but want to) or just don’t know how.  Today was different though.  We came up behind a SUV with a Florida tag and they were moving right along but then at the first paved pull off they reached, they pulled off and waved as we went past.

Our lunch view at The Brasstown Valley Resort.

After lunch I forgot to put my ear plugs back in and realized it as soon as Donna said something in the intercom.  Everyone was already loaded up and ready to go, so I toughed it out.  I rode back down to Dahlonega where Sean stopped for gas and I hated it!  While Sean and Christine gassed up I put my ear plugs back in.  This was also my first long ride with the mesh jacket.  The other day I wore it and was sweating good underneath the back padding.  I’ve since taken the back pad out and I’ll just risk it with the shoulder and elbow armor.  The highest temperature we saw today was 87 degrees and I don’t think I was any warmer with the jacket.  But when stopped in traffic I did seem a bit warmer.  But as soon as we started moving, the breeze through the mesh of the jacket felt good.  I’ve never felt that with a just a shirt on.  While moving down the road I think I was actually cooler with the jacket though.  I got the jacket in hi-vis green and I think the fact that the sun is not shining on my arms makes me feel cooler.  I’m going to keep wearing the jacket in the summer.

As usual, we had a great time riding!

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2 thoughts on “All You Can Ride And All You Can Eat

  1. Larry Talley

    Hi guys, read your posts all the time, enjoy them very much, I started wearing A mesh jacket A few years ago, some of my friends stioll do not beleiveme about it being cooler than no jacket. Larry Talley Tunnel hill Ga


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