I’m Such A Weather Geek

Warning!  This post is not directly related to motorcycling.  You see, I’ve always had an interest in the weather.  It’s not enough of an interest though that I sit and watch the Weather Channel all day.  Weather is just such a dynamic, always changing element.

A few years ago for my birthday, Donna gave me a Weather Channel weather station made by La Crosse.  I loved it!  That is until it died last week.  The station could measure wind speed & gusts (but not direction), outside temperature, wind chill, humidity, barometric pressure, and inside temperature.  I later added a rain collector to the unit but it never worked.  Unfortunately customer support kept recommending (try fresh batteries in all of your units).  But the main unit continued working as expected until the transmitter for the wind and outside measurements suddenly stopped working last week.

Last week we were in Lowe’s Home Improvement when Donna, said “You know your birthday is this month.  If you want, you can look for a replacement weather station.  Just don’t go overboard.”  She had to add the part about not going overboard because I had already been looking online and found some fairly reasonable ones that even transmitted data to web sites such as WeatherBug and Weather Underground.  This blog uses a Weather Underground widget and I thought it’d be so cool to have the widget report weather from our own yard!  But I decided that would be going overboard.  I did find a very nice Acu-Rite Home Weather Station.  And to make it even better, Lowe’s had it at a significant savings over the MSRP on the Acu-Rite web site.  Set up was a snap and it’s totally wireless.  It took me longer to take the old outdoor unit down than it took to put the new one up.  The new one does rainfall (and it works), outside temperature, wind speed, wind direction, highest & average wind in the last hour, humidity, barometric pressure, wind chill, heat index, moon phases, and even has solar power to run a fan for ambient air temperature.  Inside it will measure temperature and humidity.  All of those measurements also have alarms you can set up if you want.

Now the part that connects it to motorcycling.  You see, I can monitor weather trends and use the learned forecast abilities of the unit to monitor riding conditions and to decide what to wear for a ride or to cancel one.  There!  Thanks for bearing with this non motorcycle related post….sort of.

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One thought on “I’m Such A Weather Geek

  1. Rodolfo Garcia

    Cool stuff! Even if it is no motorcycle related (which it is to me) I enjoyed. Thaks


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