Time For An Oil Change And A GPS Map Update

Today was oil change day for the Magic Carpet. It’s a little early but I’ll be headed out on the road to my Dad’s and it’ll come up due on the trip so I got it out-of-the-way before the trip. Today was the “easy” oil change in that it was just the motor oil. I still have to lay on the floor to do it though!

We also decided to get the Lifetime Map Updates for the Garmin Zumo 220 GPS. We got the GPS in September of 2011 and haven’t updated the maps since using the one free update from Garmin within 30 days of the purchase. We figured roads don’t really change all that much but it was time. Garmin offers a one time update for $49.99 or the lifetime updates for $89.00 so it really does make sense to get the lifetime updates. I had heard that Amazon has the lifetime update for less than Garmin. I found the lifetime update sold by Amazon for $58.03! You can guess where we got it from. The map is updating now as I type this.

The Magic Carpet should also reach 75,000 miles on the odometer this weekend while I’m headed to my Dad’s in Florida.

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4 thoughts on “Time For An Oil Change And A GPS Map Update

  1. mike hammel

    Safe travels to you both!!


  2. Thanks Mike!


  3. Steve Smith

    You should have some cooler weather to ride in, hopefully not a lot of rain. I am not so sure about the lifetime updates; my Zumo 550 had to be sent back to the factory twice because it kept locking up. Finally I decided it was cheaper to buy the much cheaper nuvi models and hope they don’t get too wet. So far, I am way ahead of the game. My nuvi 2595 has been caught in some real heavy rains but it keeps on going. I figured they offer lifetime updates because they know you won’t be able to update but about twice before the unit craps out! Good luck with yours and ride safely my friend.


    • Steve,
      So far so good with our Zumo 220 after 2 years. We wanted to update the maps and since the lifetime through Amazon was only a few dollars more than the one time with Garmin, we gave it a shot. The Zumo replaced the original BMW Nav I that was on the bike in 2002. The mount for the NAV I wore out before the GPS did!


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