To Florida And Back

I took another solo trip down to Florida again over this past weekend to visit my Dad and help him out with a few things.  He’s actually getting along quite well on his own.

I rode down on Saturday morning and through some torrential rain in middle Georgia beginning north of Macon and then finally ending around Tifton, Georgia.  Even with rain gear and rain liners I eventually got wet.  Since it was heavy rain and not a mist, the Plexus helped the rain roll right off the windshield.  I raised the Magic Carpet’s windshield and had good visibility down the road.  I turned on the red LED light on the back of my helmet to slow blink just to make me more visible.  The rain liner in my mesh jacket finally gave up and I was beginning to get wet.  I tried putting on a rain jacket but the high collar with the hood rolled up in it would not let me turn my head with the helmet on so I abandoned that idea.  My gloves soaked through pretty quick.  Then I got that uncomfortable feeling when my pants began to leak.  The pants are Tourmaster Quest pants and have a RainGuard liner in them that has held up well so far as being waterproof.  Until Saturday when I felt the water leaking in on my seat!  The temperatures were in the mid 60’s and I turned the heated grips and the heated seat both on to the low setting and it really helped alleviate the wet feeling.  My Vega waterproof boots never did leak and that would’ve really sucked if they had.  The weather radio on the motorcycle said that ahead in Valdosta, GA it was cloudy and 76 degrees and even further down the road in Jacksonville, FL it was cloudy and 86 degrees!  There were flash flood watches (not warnings) for the central and southern Georgia areas I was riding through.  I even saw 3 different single vehicle accidents were people had driven off the road in the rain, probably going a bit too fast for the weather conditions.

With about a mile left in Georgia before I crossed into Florida, the odometer on the Magic Carpet changed over to 75,000 miles.  Since it was no longer raining at that time I pulled over and took a quick picture.  I pulled in at the Florida Welcome Center and took out the rain liner from my mesh jacket and continued along the way.  My gloves were already starting to dry.  It took no time for the jacket to dry and by the time I had reached Jacksonville, I was totally dry again (yes even my “seat”).

With about a mile to go before reaching Florida, the odometer reached 75,000 miles.


The return trip home was pretty uneventful.  My hi-vis mesh jacket is fairly new I noticed something that is probably attributed to the full fairing on the K1200LT and not the jacket.  At the 70 mph interstate speeds the torso of the jacket could still get a bit warm.  But when I would slow down getting off the interstate to get food, get gas or a rest area I could feel the cooler air circulating through the jacket as I slowed down.  I think it’s just that the fairing protects and redirects so much of the wind, that there was none to move through the jacket at the higher interstate speeds.  But let me tell you this, the BMW K1200LT can eat up some highway miles in comfort!

Until next time, Ride Safe!

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One thought on “To Florida And Back

  1. my camel

    wow. Chris. All i can say you got big ‘uns. i know you had to do it but i sure would have thunk twiced.Glad you had a safe trip–albeit wet one way.


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