Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

To get run over by the Beemer.  But more about that later.

Today we headed off for a ride in a different direction going towards northwest Georgia this time.  I had a Blue Knights lunch meeting in Talking Rock that we rode to.  It is a motorcycle club after all.  After the meeting we had planned to ride up to around Ringgold, GA with Sean & Christine to look around at an RV dealer.  We headed north and east using GA HWY 136, US HWY 411 and GA HWY 2 into Ringgold and then to the dealer which pretty much straddled the Georgia and Tennessee state line.  While not quite as curvy as northeast Georgia it was still a nice summer ride.

Now about the chicken.  North of Chatsworth, GA while on US HWY 411 we ran over a chicken.  In all fairness someone had already hit the chicken but it blended in the asphalt pretty good and made a mess when we ran it over.  The side stand, center stand and the bottom of Donna’s floor board got most of it.  If we hadn’t got her the floor boards she probably would’ve gotten chicken on her boot and pants!  In all my years of riding this counts as my third bird, well maybe two and a half.  I hit a pigeon in downtown Atlanta while at work riding a Harley Davidson FXRP police motorcycle (that was really messy) and we hit a crow 2 years ago while headed up to Virginia for our Blue Ridge Parkway trip.

The remnants of a chicken that had tried to cross the road.

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