And Then There Were Two

I met one our blog readers and a fellow reader of the message forum today.  Scott and his wife are vacationing on their BMW K1200LT from Michigan and are staying up in Hiawassee for a few days.  Scott had gotten in touch a while back so that we could get together and ride while they were here.  Today was that day.  Unfortunately Donna had been put on the work schedule and couldn’t get anyone to swap with her so it was just me today.  I had a great cool ride from the homestead up to Hiawassee.  Around Blue Ridge it got pretty foggy and the mountains were shrouded in the fog.

We planned on meeting at the Blue Otter Restaurant in Hiawassee before heading out for a ride that included lunch.  As it turned out, the three of us had all skipped breakfast and were hungry so we just decided to start with lunch right there at the Blue Otter.  We then headed through Hiawassee before heading south down Georgia Highway 17 towards Helen.  We made the turn on Highway 75 Alt and I wanted to point out Goats On The Roof along the way in Scorpion Hollow (unincorporated) but as we approached, there were no goats and the property was vacant with a large “For Sale” sign out front.  We then turned back north on US Highway 129 to head up Blood Mountain and head for Blairsville.  We stopped for a break at the Appalachian Trail crossing and I asked “Was that stretch of road okay?”  It must’ve been a good choice because both Scott and his wife were grinning from ear to ear while taking off their helmets and nodding their heads.  But soon it was time to head back down the mountain and for Blairsville where we’d say our goodbyes.

It was fun to ride with another K1200LT also.  You usually don’t see many of them out on the road, let alone two of them together.

Scott it was a pleasure and fun riding with you guys today and we wish you a safe journey on the rest of your trip and on your way back home.

The route taken by the two BMW K1200LT motorcycles today.

The route taken by our two BMW K1200LT motorcycles today.

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2 thoughts on “And Then There Were Two

  1. We had a great time riding with you, Chris. The lunch at Blue Otter was a good choice. Stopping at the AT crossing was a highlight of the day. After we split up at Blairsville, my wife and I returned south again on US129 to 180 east to Brasstown Bald. After Brasstown Bald, back west on 180 to 348(Russel Scenic Byway) toward Helen. Fantastic ride on new pavement all the way down to 75. I hope to get some photos up to my website of our travels soon.
    Thanks again for leading us around your neck of the woods. We will try to connect if we are ever back in the area.


    • I had a great time also. Donna was jealous when she got home from work that day. I’d love to do it again if you come this way. And should we ever get to the “U.P” you’ll be hearing from us!


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