It Was Just A “Quickie”

So it has been a while since Donna rode on the back of the Magic Carpet.  Yesterday we were at a wedding that some riding friends, Sean & Christine were at also.  Donna came to me and said “We’re riding tomorrow.  Christine and I already decided.”  So I guess I was told.  Sean had to was their camper early in day so we knew we were already going to get a late start.

So this afternoon we met for a nice lunch of Mexican food and head out for a short afternoon ride.  I say short in that it was only a 125 mile ride today.  We left Canton and headed for Talking Rock and then up and over Burnt Mountain on Georgia Highway 136.  All of the mud and land slides that had a happened in the heavy rains of a few weeks ago have since been repaired but we sure could tell where they were.  There was even new pavement in some areas.  Burnt Mountain isn’t a tall mountain at all but it sure it twisty and curvy or as a friend puts is “crooked”.  Even though it’s not tall, it always amazes with the temperature difference on that mountain.  Today it was 10 degrees cooler (F) up at the top as compared with the base which is already hilly.  I do have a pet peeve from today though.  I’m not a lead foot.  But if you’re going 15 mph below the speed limit and there is traffic stacking up behind you, pull into one of the driveways or better yet, one of the pull offs the state puts there for just that purpose and the traffic go by.  We made our little loop and stopped for ice cream before heading home.  We all figured since Sean worked so hard washing the camper, he could have some ice cream!

Our quick little ride today.

Our quick little ride today.

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