Thank You Officer Myers!

It seems that a lot of motorcyclists really dislike drivers who text and drive.  I most certainly don’t, in fact I wrote a blog entry earlier this month about a personal experience with a texting driver.

A local Atlanta TV station did a news story today about Officer Myers of the Gwinnett County, Georgia Police Department who has written 800 tickets to texting drivers this year.  Officer Myers also happens to be a motor officer.  You can see the story on the WSB-TV site at this link.  Officer Myers even tells you what he looks for.  Poking the screen more than 10 times?  You’re not making a phone call then.  Using your phone’s GPS feature?  Can’t do that either as it has to be a stand alone GPS.  You see here in Georgia you can’t text message, email, web browse or use a web based application while driving or even stopped in traffic.  You have to pull off the roadway to send that important Tweet or Facebook update!  In other words, the only thing you can legally do with your cell phone while driving in Georgia is to make a phone call.  Now this much I will tell you having been a motor officer myself for a number of years is that you’re amazed how much you can see into peoples cars while you’re next to them on a motorcycle.  WSB-TV also offers the raw video they used to produce the story and you can see it here on their website.

Oh and this isn’t a new law here in Georgia either, it’s 3 years old now.

Thank You Officer Myers!

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2 thoughts on “Thank You Officer Myers!

  1. In Australia you can’t even make a call on the move. You have to pull up to answer the phone or make a call. Been to may deaths on the road due to texting while driving. you still see people doing though.


  2. Last year we met a couple from the UK who was touring America on their Goldwing after his retirement as a police officer. Texting is a violation there but so is holding the phone while driving and talking. You have to be hands free if you want to use it. He said police officers can’t even use the radio microphone while driving but have a push to talk button on the steering wheel and a microphone over the visor. Hard to believe I used to ride a police motorcycle and at time (even in a pursuit) would have to take a hand off the handlebars to use the motorcycle mounted radio or the shoulder mic on my portable radio!


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