First Fall Ride of 2013

I was supposed to go to a Blue Knights meeting today but I played hooky.  It was too good a day to ride just a few exits on the interstate to go to lunch meeting and then go home.  Since I’m not a Chapter Officer anymore it was easy to do.

Donna said she wanted to go for a “long ride” today.  It was our first fall ride of 2013.  The leaves are already changing and dropping (or is that FALLing) here in north Georgia and it’s only the last weekend in September!  Maybe all the rain we had this summer has something to do with it.  We had no plan, just a direction and a couple of lunch ideas in our heads.  It was a beautiful, cloudless blue sky and the forecast was for a high temperature of 77F.  Actually for most of the day’s ride it was in the upper 60’s for temperatures and was great.  We were on Georgia HWY 53 headed for Dawsonville when Donna asked “What about that road past Big Canoe?”  I told her it would take us straight out to GA HWY 136 and we could take that on up to GA HWY 52 and then take HWY 9 right on into Dahlonega.  “Yeah.  Do that.” came through the headset.  So we took Steve Tate HWY passed Big Canoe and then with its tree covered hills and curves.  When we made it over to HWY 52 we were passing some pumpkin fields.  It was really feeling like fall now.  We passed a “pumpkin patch and corn maze” where traffic slowed just a bit.  It was odd that we didn’t see any other motorcycles along our route until we got to HWY 9 and headed for Dahlonega.  Donna wanted to stop in at Rider’s Hill for a short break after I told her that our lunch stop would Turner’s Corner Café, to which I got an excited “Yippee!” through the intercom.  We left Rider’s Hill behind us taking GA HWY 9/60 to the Rock Pile was it was US 19 though the hills and curves until Turner’s Corner Café where we had lunch out on the deck overlooking the intersection and the river.  A couple of sport bikes made the left and headed up US 129 and up Blood Mountain.  When one revved his engine out of site, Donna said “Let’s go that way! How long will it take to get home?”  Even though home was to the south and that route would take us north, a little math from a sign for Blairsville told me we could there in 30 minutes.  So I told Donna that Blairsville was about 30 minutes away and I knew home was an hour and a half from Blairsville so I’d get us home about 5:00 pm.  “Let’s go.”  Going up Blood Mountain wasn’t a special ride for us, we’ve ridden it numerous times.  But it’s a nice fun, curvy road with a good surface and good visibility.  We were passed by bikes going the other direction in the curves that looked like they were on a race track!  Not just the leaning but the speed!  Local resident’s have been “venting” in a the Atlanta paper’s column “The Vent” about the speeds of motorcycles this summer.  They know motorcycles have always been on the road but they’re now complaining about the speeds and I see why.  It’s only a matter time before the Georgia State Patrol begins a dedicated enforcement action.  I don’t care how a good a rider you think you are, it’s a public roadway and not a personal raceway.

It was a good day and fall is in the air!

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