The Magic Carpet’s front tire after yesterday’s ride. There’s no tread left on the right like there is on the left!

I knew we were getting close to needing a new front tire.  But I didn’t think we were this close!  Before we went on our ride yesterday I checked the tires like I always do.  The front tire was getting close to the end of its life but the wear bars had yet to come to the surface and still had some tread above them.  In fact, in a picture I took with the flash when I put the LED bulbs in the motolights, you could see the tread from a distance.  That was only 8 days ago!  Imagine my shock when I went to plug the battery tender in and noticed the front tire looking like it does in this picture.  Not only had we made it to the wear bars on the one side but we went way past them on yesterday’s ride.  I guess when you approach the end, it goes really quick.  The tire in the picture has 17,157 miles on it and is a Metzeler ME880 Marathon that is rated for the BMW K1200LT.  The Magic Carpet is grounded until it gets a new front tire.

Metzeler and Bridgestone are the only tires made that are rated for the K1200LT.  I’ve heard Avon makes tires but since they’re softer (and stickier) they wear out quicker so I have no interest in them.   I’ve used the Bridgestone BT020 Battleax on the front before but only got about 8,000 miles out of it.  So it looks like I’ll be calling Ken’s Motorcycle Tires in Woodstock this week to check prices and order a tire.  Ken usually comes pretty close to matching online tire prices but offers a significant savings when mounting tires purchased from him.  In other words, if I buy the tire online and bring it to him he charges more to mount it.  It seems fair enough to me.  I’ll check prices on the Metzeler and the always lower in price Bridgestone and weigh the mileage differences against the balance in the checkbook.  It can be a complicated mathematical formula.

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2 thoughts on “Grounded!

  1. Bummer! Hope you find a good replacement soon!!!


    • I will. Dealers usually have them and tire shop I like to use can usually get them in a day or two. Just have to get it in the budget now.


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