Sean’s Tour Of North Georgia Chicken Farms

Today was a good day to get out to ride and see the fall colors one more time before the rest of the leaves fall of the trees.  Our friend Sean had planned today’s route so we’d be following him and his wife Christine on their Victory Cross Country Tour.  Today we’d be riding on the west side of I-575 and its farm lands before crossing over to the east side and the mountain roads.  Georgia HWY 108 (Fincher RD) south of Waleska, GA should really be renamed “Tar Snake Highway”.  The black caulking used to fill cracks, referred to as “tar snakes” were all over the place.  It almost seemed in some spots that there was more caulk than asphalt!  It was a good day to ride as there were few if any clouds and the temperatures warmed in the upper 60’s (F) along the way.  Sean planned a good route that did take us along some nice roads, through some nice farmland and then on some curvy mountain roads before we had lunch and headed for home.  But I swear that on one small road I heard banjo music playing!

Now about the title of this post.  It seems we rode past way more chicken ranches or farms than usual.  If you’re not familiar with chicken farms there’s only two words to describe them: THEY STINK.  No make that three words: THEY REALLY STINK.  They are putrid smelling places, even driving past them.  When people ask you to eat strange foods and tell you “It tastes like chicken.” it’s a whole lot better than telling you “It smells like chicken.”  Now in fairness to Sean, he probably had no idea we’d be riding past those kinds of farms.

But it was still a great day to ride!

The chicken farm route!

The chicken farm route!

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