Long Johns To Florida

Yesterday I left for a solo trip to the Daytona Beach area of Florida to visit my Dad and help him out with a few house projects.  It was a brisk 27 degrees (F) when I left home in Acworth, Georgia and headed for Florida.  The heated seat and the heated grips got a real workout on this trip.  It never warmed any higher than the mid 30’s until I stopped for breakfast in Forsyth, Georgia.  After breakfast though it was a balmy 45 degrees as I continued south.  When I stopped for gas in Tifton, Georgia I shed a layer of clothing and even switched to unlined leather gloves (but still enjoyed the heated hand grips).  I pulled in at the Florida Welcome Center and even removed the insulated liner of my jacket then.  It was Florida after all!  It had also warmed into the mid 60’s.  But I did leave my long johns on.  Once I left the Welcome Center, the winds picked up and got gusty too.  Between St. Augustine and Daytona Beach I found a rain shower or two.  Not enough to wet the road, but enough to wet the windshield.  By the time I had reached Daytona Beach it had warmed to 72 degrees!  I’ll be here for a few days before heading back home to Donna.

It wasn’t so much the cold that was the problem because I had dressed for it.  It was the traffic getting Atlanta!  I thought I had left early enough to get ahead of most of the traffic, especially since to Atlanta I was taking a route I had commuted on for many years.  Boy was I wrong.  A few minor interstate highway “incidents” made it difficult.  It took me an hour and half to get to the exit where I used to get off at to go to work.  In rush hour, it used to take an hour or less to get all the way to the office.  In fact if there is no traffic, my planned breakfast stop in Forsyth, Georgia is just over an hour and half from the house.  I’m glad I no longer have to make that drive everyday!

It was a chilly ride to Florida!

It was a chilly ride to Florida!

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2 thoughts on “Long Johns To Florida

  1. Somehow I knew y’all weren’t fair-weather riders… Now I know for sure… That’s cold but if you are dress for it, it is bearable… Heated seats and grips are nice… I wasn’t sure how much I’d use mine but once I found how nice they are I use them a lot… I think my riding buddies are jealous… Ride safe…


    • I find the heated seat more beneficial in rain than in cold. It’s quite bearable if you dress for it, you’re right. When I got stuck in the traffic I actually got too warm.


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