She’s A Keeper! (And Has Been All Along)

Today is our wedding anniversary.  We hadn’t planned anything extravagant.  But last night we were discussing what we could do.  Donna then comes up with her plan; a motorcycle ride and lunch.  You can’t beat that idea with a stick!  It was forecast to be cool but sunny.  But we got up this morning and the leaves along with the branches they used to be on were blowing all over.  Throughout the morning and well into the afternoon the home weather station was showing sustained winds that were flirting with 20 mph.  We ride for fun and that wouldn’t have been all that fun so we decided to ride another day.  But I’m lucky that I have a wife that not only rides with me but wants to ride.  There are a number of times that’s she’s the instigator of the ride, telling (not asking) that we’re riding a certain day and having me come up with where.  Now I know I’m not the only husband with a wife like that but it sure does seem like I’m in the minority.

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4 thoughts on “She’s A Keeper! (And Has Been All Along)

  1. Marty Blok

    You’re a blessed fellow. You are in fact one of a few. I can’t get my wife to ride more than once a year. Anyways, congradulations.


  2. Awesome – CONGRATULATIONS and happy anniversary!!!


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