Hey What’s The Weather Like?

The weather.  It’s an age old question.  Is it going to rain?  Is it going to be hot?  Is it going to be cold?

I’ve had an Acu-Rite Pro weather station since the summer.  It’s pretty good along with being fun.  For Christmas, Donna gave me something I’ve really been wanting; the internet bridge accessory for the weather station that allows us to remotely check conditions here at the house, receive alerts from the weather station and even share the weather station data on Weather Underground.

The little “weather widget” over on the right now displays the weather being reported by our home weather station and clicking on it will take you to the forecast page and current conditions for our weather station.  While many of the current conditions are from our station, some of the forecasting is from other sources.  You can also view our station on Weather Underground’s “beta” of their new dashboard.  The new dashboard doesn’t have all the details of the full page at current, but shows only the details being provided by our weather station.  And, since it’s a “beta”, not all of the features are working yet.  I may be playing around with the weather widget and changing it a bit since I’m now a Weather Underground “member” and have a few more options.  I’ll be able to have the temperature display in both F and C as well as the wind speed in both mph and kph.

I guess this is motorcycle related since the weather dictates how you’ll dress for a ride or weather or not you should ride.

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