This Winter Sucks

Welcome to winter in the south.  Yesterday it was 57 and sunny.

Welcome to winter in the south. Yesterday it was 57 and sunny.

Here in north Georgia we’re usually pretty lucky and can ride year round.  This winter the operative word is “usually”.  Is it warm and sunny all year?  No it sure isn’t.  But we sure have more than our fair share of sunny day in the 60’s for temperatures.  Even the 50’s isn’t bad at all.  This year has been different.  We’ve ridden the Magic Carpet only once so far in 2014 and that was a short ride to lunch on New Year’s Day.  On January 7th we reached a temperature of 4 degrees (F) which is very unusual for us.  Then just the other night we had our first overnight low temperature in about 10 nights that was above freezing.  Now the odd part is that a week ago it was 65 degrees (F) and just yesterday it was 57 degrees (F) and sunny.  But we were under a winter storm watch for today.  What?  Then for us the watch was downgraded to a winter weather advisory with a forecast of a possible dusting of snow or up to one half-inch of snow.  As I sit here it is 21 degrees (F) and snowing.  In fact it’s been snowing since about 10:45 am,it’s now 5:30 pm and should continue snowing for several more hours.  Our possible dusting of snow is up to two and a half inches in the street and more in yards and on decks.  The pendulum can swing wildly for winter weather in the south.  I just want it to be warm enough to ride, even if I need to use the heated grips and seat.

Now I know that a lot of people who live up north will say “We get that all the time.  Why don’t you have snow plows?”  Well that’s fine, you live up north where cold and snow are the norm.  I know, I’ve been to Chicago in winter.  But the truth is that we haven’t had any measurable snow here since 2011.  Is it really wise to spend all that money on snow plows to use it once every few years?  When you have a heat wave in the summer of say 85 degrees (F) do we make fun of you because we routinely approach 90 or better with 70% humidity?  Besides, have you ever heard anyone say “When I retire I’m going to move up north.”?

All I want is a few days where we can ride.

In the south this is called "a possible dusting of snow".  It's actually two and half inches of snow.

In the south this is called “a possible dusting of snow”. It’s actually two and half inches of snow.

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3 thoughts on “This Winter Sucks

  1. Marty Blok

    I feel your pain from way up north in Michigan.


  2. Well, we’ve got blustery storms, rain and wind of 70+ mph forecast for this evening here in the south coast of the UK. Fun or what?! You know, this climate change (or whatever it is) is making weird, unusual weather patterns just about everywhere on this planet, not just the areas affected by the jet stream. Italy and Rome is going under floods while I speak this evening…


  3. Even as I wrote and posted this entry it was snowing. Traffic in the area was gridlocked due to the snow. We ended up with 3.5″ of snow here, which the National Weather Service said was the highest amount in the metro Atlanta area.


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