I Managed To Get A Short Ride

Winter finally loosened its grip a little bit today.  I had a Blue Knights meeting up in Canton, GA this afternoon.  Since it’s a motorcycle club I figured I should ride my motorcycle.  It wasn’t a long ride but it was enough to shake the cobwebs out a bit and to tease me a little.  Four of us met in Woodstock and rode up in a group.  After lunch and the meeting I took a solo ride back home on a little longer route going past Lake Allatoona, a bit curvier than I-575, the way we had ridden up.  On of our members is a retired U.S. Marshal and now has an actual saddle as his motorcycle seat!  Yes, he has a child’s pony saddle on his motorcycle as the seat!

Tomorrow is forecast to be 60 degrees (F) and partly cloudy (or is that mostly sunny?).  Maybe I can talk Donna into an afternoon ride.

"Doc", a retired U.S. Marshal, now has a saddle on his motorcycle.

“Doc”, a retired U.S. Marshal, now has a saddle on his motorcycle.

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5 thoughts on “I Managed To Get A Short Ride

  1. I like the saddle… I’m not too sure how far I could ride on it though…


  2. I like the matching throw over saddlebags 🙂 .
    Hope the weather fines up for you. 43c here yesterday. i didn’t ride. Not as hot today but hot enough and very windy.


    • Let me do some math. 16c today but beginning tomorrow we have a winter storm watch for two days with rain, sleet, snow and ice expected. In the past 2 weeks we’ve been now to -18c! Quite a number of days we’ve only reached about -4c. Not only have we had a much colder winter than normal but also a much wetter winter. At least most of the time it was wet it was on warmer days. I’m suffering from PMS (Parked Motorcycle Syndrome).


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