Cowboys On Real Horses And Iron Horses

This morning we had a Blue Knights breakfast meeting in Alpharetta.  The ride over for breakfast was a bit chilly starting at about 44°F but it was forecast to be sunny and warm today.  After the meeting there was a ride planned to go over to the Booth Western Art Museum in Cartersville where the Southeaster Gathering of Cowboys was going on.  One of our Blue Knights members would be at the gathering and invited us over.  After the meeting a group of 6 motorcycles made the trek over from Alpharetta to Cartersville, going through Canton.  There was an assortment that included a few Harley Davidsons, our BMW, a Victory and a Gold Wing.  We got there and there were cowboys all over the place!  We took a stroll through the museum but the chuck wagons were beginning to close down by the time we toured the museum.  As we mounted our steeds and went our separate directions for home the sunshine was warm and some even packed their jackets away.  I was happy enough with the vents opened on mine.  On our trip home (again avoiding highways) the temperature was just at 70ºF.  It looks like winter might be loosening its grip on us.

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