The Dogwoods Are Blooming So Let’s Ride

Yes we took a vacation 2 weeks ago on the motorcycle.  But Donna said she hadn’t been on a 100 mile or more day-ride in a long time.  The dogwood trees are in full bloom here so we decided to ride.  No, the two are not related in any way other than the dogwood trees are in bloom and we rode.  I was also trying out my new Tourmaster Tracker Air Pants (you can read the review on this link; wink, wink, nudge, nudge).

Donna had a store meeting this morning but was off the rest of the day.  I dropped her off in the car and headed back home.  Then when her meeting was over I headed back.  There she was on the curb so I pulled up and asked “Hey lady do you want to go for a motorcycle ride?”  She said she wanted the Italian hoagie sandwich for lunch at Turner’s Corner near Cleveland, GA and I wasn’t going to argue, nor did I want to.  We went and met Sean & Christine (and their Victory Cross Country Tour) and we were off.  It’s a destination and route we’ve taken numerous time before but it’s always fun.  We headed up towards Jasper, GA and then on to Marble Hill.  Before we reached Dawsonville we headed north on Steve Tate Highway (it’s really just a two lane road) until it dead ended at Georgia HWY 136 to HWY 183.  It was then literally just down the hill to HWY 52 which would take us to Dahlonega.  While on HWY 52 we came up behind a motor home towing a car.  They had South Dakota plates so they weren’t local.  Now normally we hate being behind a motor home on mountain roads but this guy could drive.  He was moving along well enough that we had no desire to pass him.  He seemed to not like when an SUV got in front of him on HWY 9.  We headed for Turner’s Corner.  Along the way approaching motorcyclists were patting their helmet warning of the police ahead.  It wasn’t long before we found the Sheriff’s car on the side of the road.  There was a motorcycle in front of us and the female passenger waved at him as they passed.  He stuck his arm out the window and waved back.  We know he was out there looking for scofflaws on the curvy road but he was also waving at passing motorcycles too.  After lunch we rode up US129 on Blood Mountain and it’s combination of sweeping and sharp curves.  After Blood Mountain it was a short trip over to The Richard B Russell Scenic Highway (GA HWY 348) and its nice curves going up and down the mountain.  On the way back down, heading south we noticed we were on fresh asphalt.  Sometimes motorcyclists are so easy to please!  The new asphalt was nice and smooth.  The tires gripped the curves like glue and we took those curves at a higher speed and even left some scrape marks in the new pavement.  Once we reached the bottom at HWY 75 Alt. Sean took the lead and took us on Adair Mill RD eventually bringing us out on US 19 where we headed up to Rider’s Hill for ice cream.  While sitting in the rocking chairs not one but two of the new BMW R Nine-T motorcycles pulled up.  The tall, bald-headed guy looked familiar but at the moment I couldn’t place him.  I went inside and noticed the owner of BMW Motorcycles of Atlanta in the shop.  He was with the bald-headed guy who I now recognized to be BMW factory rider Nate Kern.  The owner, Bob recognized me and we chatted for a moment.  They headed out and Nate got on one the new R Nine-Ts and Bob the owner got on his R 100 Dakar.  From there it was time to head for home.  The only bad part of the day was the yellow pollen that coats everything, including us, this time of year.


The Magic Carpet amongst the dogwoods at Rider’s Hill in Dahlonega, GA.

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