Coming Soon…..

A while back I was contacted by a representative of an online motorcycle accessories and apparel retailer.  Initially he had inquired about being a guest blogger here.  I had told him that since this was personal blog of ours that we were not interested in guest bloggers. He contacted me again about me placing a link to their site on the blog.  But offered to send something for me to try out and review.  I would keep the item, write and post the review and hopefully a video review also.  Emails were exchanged and I was given a list of jackets to pick from.  Yesterday I received the jacket and in the next few days I plan on riding with it and writing the review and posting it.  I get a jacket and they want the link along with not only the reviews but to possibly link to the reviews and any video reviews.  So far it seems like a pretty good deal!  Stay tuned for a review of the jacket in a few days.

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3 thoughts on “Coming Soon…..

  1. pstmstr

    I think I was contacted by this same guy and declined. I’ll be curious to see how it works out for you.


    • DJ? There were some bumps getting the jacket shipped. But he did stay in contact and provided the tracking numbers. I got the jacket yesterday so, so far they’ve held up their end of it. I’ll reveal in the review what it is, but it is a name brand jacket.


  2. Steve

    Hey Chris, that sounds like a no brainer to me. Maybe I need to start a blog of my own! LOL


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