It’s Getting Close To Iron Butt Time

A while back I wrote that I was thinking of doing an Iron Butt ride with some friends, particularly the SaddleSore 1,000 which is 1,000 miles in 24 hours.  Life got in the way and some other plans had fallen through.  It may now be myself and one other friend who has done SaddleSore and Bunburner rides.

Following the advice of friends and the Iron Butt web site, I’ll be using the interstate highways.  The interstates afford the best option for miles travelled over time. So far I’ve pretty much got it narrowed down to two different routes that would qualify.

  • Home to Titusville, FL (round trip):  Much of this ride will be over the very familiar roads of Interstates 75, 475, 10, 295 and 95.  It’s a route I take regularly by both motorcycle and car to visit my Dad in the Daytona Beach area.  The stretch from Daytona Beach to Titusville would be the part less travelled.  Once in Titusville we may stop in at the American Police Hall of Fame & Museum to stretch our legs.  This route also has the advantage that we can stop and rest at my Dad’s house if we choose too.
  • Home to New Orleans, LA (round trip): This would be a route that I haven’t been on in many years.  Again, like Titusville it would be an all interstate route.  Taking this route would mean riding in two states that I haven’t ridden a motorcycle in yet; Mississippi and Louisiana.  I’d get to fill in those states on the map in the “About Us” page.  I know, big excitement.

As plans firm up and the date get’s closer, I’ll be posting it here.

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2 thoughts on “It’s Getting Close To Iron Butt Time

  1. pstmstr

    I’ll never forget my first one. I’m sure you’ve been warned, it’s additive. Ride safe and enjoy the ride.


    • I have been warned. In fact the guy going along with me has done several as well as few Bun Burners. He offers to go with anyone who talks about it.


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