Motorcyle Rides From A Reader

Dewayne is a Marketing Manager at Motorcycle House and a reader of this blog.  Admittedly he’s also the one who contacted me about reviewing products for them.  Dewayne wanted to share an article with us.  Normally I’d simply just “Re-Blog” the link but Dewayne doesn’t have a blog.  I’ve copied his Northwest California Rides here.  At the bottom of the article is a link to the full article along with all the links and the pictures.  There’s also a link to his motorcycle racing article.


Northwest California Motorcycle Routes for a Scenic Road Trip

Riding your motorcycle is a great way to experience the scenic beauty of just about anywhere. Your bike not only takes you from point A to point B, it lets you enjoy a nice breeze while doing so. Some of the most picturesque routes are found in the American Northwest, particularly in California. This means that whenever you are ready to pack your bags and head on a California adventure, you will have many routes to choose from. This is just as true if you plan to focus your trip along Northwest California as it is for routes that take you to other areas of the state.

Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway, or Highway 1, runs along the Pacific Coast of the state, letting you either begin or end your journey in Northwest California. The route covers about 127 miles, so you will need to have enough luggage with you for a few nights. It is an incredibly easy route to follow, where you either start in Monterey or Morro Bay or then end in the other. The simplicity of the route allows you to sit back and enjoy the beautiful sights, including rock outcroppings, rolling hills, majestic mountains, and coastal views. You will find lighthouses, 18th century buildings, and plenty of animals, including monarch butterflies, sharks, gray whales, sea otters, and sea lions.

California Highway 58

Although not completely in Northwest California, State Highway 58 still makes for an excellent motorcycle route when you are in the area. This is sometimes considered to be “The Lost Highway,” because so few are aware of its natural beauty. The route covers 90 miles and starts around 12miles to the west of Bakersfield, California. From there, you just follow Highway 58 west until you reach the coastline. Along the way, you can enjoy farmland, canyons, and more mixed along both relaxing roads and tight turns to keep you on your toes and guarantee your trip is filled with adventure. 

Angeles Crest Highway

Another great, easy-to-follow route for motorcyclists looking for a road trip adventure near Northwest California is the Angeles Crest Highway. This highway includes a portion of State Route 2 and will take you on an adventure covering 66 miles, including spectacular views and excellent riding. Along the way through the San Gabriel Mountains, stop to see the Mount Wilson Observatory, which is perfect for those who enjoy astronomy or simply want an excellent view of the nearby mountains and valleys. As you continue, you find sweeping curves and generous lanes. Consider stopping at Newcomb’s Ranch Restaurant & Bar along the way.

Los Angeles

If you happen to be in Los Angeles instead of Northwest California, you will still have plenty of routes to choose from. You can ride along Mulholland Highway until you reach The Rock Store, which is a restaurant and shop. Taking the Pacific Coast Highway can lead you to Neptune’s Net, a popular seafood restaurant. Other options for afternoon rides that don’t require a large saddlebag include taking Little Tujunga Road all the way to Route 66 Classic Grill or the Malibu Highlands until you reach the Rustic Canyon General Store & Grill.

No matter your preference, packing your motorcycle bags and heading to California can give you an adventure-filled but relaxing road trip you won’t forget.

About the author:

Dewayne Jasper has been riding for over 6 years with his Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R; you can also follow him on Twitter and know about his riding.

Link to Dewayne’s Northwest California Routes with links and pictures in MS Word format.

Link to Dewayne’s Racing Documentaries with links and pictures in MS Word format.

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One thought on “Motorcyle Rides From A Reader

  1. Wow! Now I have SO many rides to take when I get back to California! My daughter and son in law live in Bakersfield and we’ve been on part of Highway 58, but never taken the whole thing. That’s a neat idea. Actually, I have a niece who lives in Barstow, where it starts! If someone were to start in Barstow, that would be a really long ride through the desert, which is beautiful in the springtime. Then hit Bakersfield and end at the coast. Now THAT would be lovely!!

    I’m going to plan that now!! Thanks for the heads up! Great ideas!


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