She’s Definitley “A Keeper”

And no, I don’t mean the motorcycle.  I mean my lovely wife and riding companion, Donna.  But then I’ve known that for a long time.  When we stepped up from a cruiser to a touring motorcycle and bought the K1200LT one of the things she wanted to do (yes you read that right, she wanted) was to ride from Georgia to Washington state to visit her sister.  Well back in 2008 she suffered a layoff from her job and then a few weeks later they began furloughs for me at the police department of 10% in hours and pay per week for over 6 months.  Those combined with life and other things had put that trip on an indefinite hold.

Then last week we got one of those “save the date” cards for a wedding in California for next June.  Donna asked me “Can the Magic Carpet still make a cross-country trip?”  I told her it sure could.  She had already made preliminary plans for her bucket list trip, already figuring we could ship “wedding clothes” and other things out to California and then just pack the motorcycle with trip clothes like we did for our Blue Ridge Parkway trip back in 2011.  I think she just wants to be able tell relatives that she rode on a motorcycle across the country!

She’s definitely a keeper!

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