Let Us Introduce You To…..

Okay, I can’t keep the lid on it any longer.  Let us introduce you to our new 2014 BMW R1200RT!

When we arrived in Daytona Beach last week, our K1200LT suffered a failed outer bearing on the final drive of the motorcycle.  BMW Motorcycles of Daytona was going to get us back on the road pretty quickly though.  You can read the entry about the final drive here instead of me going into it again.

We were at the dealer when we started to “What if…” ourselves.  Many of you know what I mean.  What if this happens or what if that happens?  The K1200LT had 85, 391 miles on her when we retired her.  Yes there were some maintenance items coming up due but that’s why it’s maintenance and hopefully not repair.  I had just changed the oil before our trip to Florida.

We were looking at an ebony black 2015 K1600GTL and what is now our quartz metallic blue 2014 R1200RT.  To be honest, the more we looked, I couldn’t justify the extra money of the K1600.  Besides the R1200RT is the boxer style engine.  I really didn’t like the R1200RT in the black or the matte gray they had.  But that’s just my choice.  The R1200RT was pretty much outfitted with everything the K1600GTL had too!  It has the Bluetooth audio and communications system, the heated seats and grips, cruise control, satellite radio, the ESA suspension system and so much more.  Did I say it’s got a boxer style motor?  As an incentive from BMW the purchase of the 2014 R1200RT came with the BMW Nav V GPS system.  BMW of Daytona was out of the GPS so they needed to get it from their sister dealer in Orlando.  It hadn’t arrived by the time we headed for home so they need to ship it this week.  We went ahead and ordered the 49 liter top case, which they also didn’t have and will be shipped.  It was a tougher decision to do this than we thought but we’re thinking it was a good one.

We spent about half a day riding it around Daytona Beach during Biketoberfest while visiting my Dad.  And then on Sunday we rode it home.  The top case wasn’t in yet and this was the  first time Donna would really be riding without a back rest or top case behind her for support.  Luckily, we had done like we had in the past and made the trip home in 2 days after a stop overnight in Tifton, GA.  It was really a good idea this time.  Donna really wasn’t fond of not having the top case yet.  And for me, after having the custom seat on the K1200LT the BMW seat on the R1200RT felt like sitting on a cinder block after a few hours.  I’m sure I’ll adjust to the seat.  The R1200RT gets tossed around by trucks more being that it’s more than 250 pounds lighter than the K1200LT was.  We will miss the Magic Carpet, she served us well.

In the coming weeks as we ride the R1200RT I’ll be posting more articles about it.  She hasn’t been named yet but that will come soon.


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13 thoughts on “Let Us Introduce You To…..

  1. I think you’ll like the RT, my 2012 has 71k miles and no issues. You might consider a Russell seat, mine is the best investment I’ve made yet. Enjoy


    • I had a Mayer (or Meyer) seat on the Magic Carpet. After 2 hours on the RT seat I felt like I was on a cinder block! But the next day was much better. I’ve been told to expect easier maintenance now. Even the service manager at BMW of Daytona could tell I had been not just doing my own work but maintaining it. He told me that since I wouldn’t be bringing it down to them for service he didn’t mind telling me I should be able to do most all of the maintenance on the RT by myself. After the bearing failed, I think it may have concerned Donna a bit. My pipes are already changing color too (as expected)!


  2. Brilliant!!! What a great looking bike. I’m sure you and Donna will have many good miles on your new ride. Yes I have turned a shade of green. 🙂


    • Tomorrow I’m already going to schedule the break-in service to prepare myself for the shock! We figure this will be our last motorcycle with the mileage people can put on a boxer.


  3. You’ll love the RT once you adjust to the differences. Great bike! I’ve been thinking about one myself.


    • Phil (or Howard) I’m already enjoying it. The features on it are amazing! It could be a refined hooligan’s motorcycle!


  4. Scott

    Good looking bike. I suspect we will be facing a similar situation someday, having to make a change. Just not ready for that yet.


  5. Great looking bike, congrats! Wishing you safe travels!


  6. That is one sharp looking bike, Chris. So sorry you and Donna had to experience the “BMW Final Drive Curse”. BMW should take some money from the farkleing department and put it into rectifying the final drive issue. May you get more than 85,000 miles out of your new ride!


    • Thanks! I was impressed with the “get you back on the road ” mentality. The repair wasn’t as steep as it could’ve been but it may have been time. We figure this could be our last one, it could last that long.


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