A Motorcycle Goal To Aim For

The dust is settling after trading in the Magic Carpet, our 2002 BMW K1200LTE, and buying the 2014 BMW R1200RT.

I was looking at a few things and then got curious.  I know, that can be very dangerous.  You see, BMW Motorcycles USA offers a 100,000 mile award to those who can document through a dealer that you have ridden 100,000 miles on BMW Motorcycles.  The award is a nice medallion and a certificate.  Remember, this is not just motorcycles but BMW Motorcycles.  So I got curious about the mileages.  We bought our K1200LTE used and we rode 44,631 miles on it since we purchased it.  We’ve ridden our R1200RT 858 miles since purchasing it just under 3 weeks ago.  That’s a total of 45,489 miles (so far) on BMW Motorcycles.  I have only 54,511 miles to go (as of today).  I think I can do it.

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2 thoughts on “A Motorcycle Goal To Aim For

  1. I’m sure you can do out!!


  2. I’m shooting for 100k on my 12RT before I get another bike. So far, she’s ran 72k trouble free miles. The 100k award spot is reserved on my wall.

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