THAT Was An Interesting Phone Call

Well, in the previous post I vented about the differences in motorcycle dealers and the trouble in not only getting my top case delivered but the key being stuck in the lock.

Earlier today, after I installed the lock cylinder and after BMW Motorcycles of Atlanta’s exemplary customer service I posted a picture on Twitter of the top case along with the text “Finally right! But with NO help from BMW of Daytona Beach but LOTS from BMW of Atlanta!”  About 2 hours later I got a call from a representative from BMW Motorcycles USA about my social media posting.  He explained that an employee whose job is to search social media sent the post to him.  First he asked if there was a problem.  Then he asked what happened and what each dealer told me or did.  Then he wanted to know what could be done to resolve the situation if it had not already been resolved.  It was a very friendly friendly and cordial phone call.  I was actually surprised and impressed by the call.  He even wanted to know if my R1200RT was a buy back motorcycle or involved in the recall.  He admitted to not having yet read all the information about the purchase but wanted to reach out to see what happened and what could be done.

I was thoroughly impressed.  BMW Motorcycles USA initiated customer contact about an issue or question they spotted on Twitter.  Some would look down on it as “big brother” watching us, but I see it as a company being concerned about a customer.  One thing he said really made sense, “We want you to know our customer service does not end with the sale, it’s actually where it begins.”

I just hope they don’t call again about this post!

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One thought on “THAT Was An Interesting Phone Call

  1. It’s hard to get good customer sevice but when you finally find someone willing to take the time with you. Hang on to them.

    Lke the saying goes “one person will tell ten people about poor customer service, but that same one person will only tell one other person about good customer service”

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