Where Have You Been?

Well it’s time to put a “farkle” on the R1200RT.  So what is the new addition?  It’s a cool little outline sticker of a map of the United States that comes with stickers of the 50 states that you fill in when you travel to them.  Remember, you use the honor system here.  Mine came from Two Wheel Vinyl where they sell them in multiple colors as well as reflective and non-reflective.  I have to give a real nod to Nick at Two Wheel Vinyl as this is truly a home business and a labor of love!  Just remember that you’re not ordering from Amazon!  Nick also sends an email when he cuts your sticker and when he ships it.  My sticker came packaged between a piece of folded manila folder in a handwritten envelope.  Donna thought it was a card from someone!  The return address label even had a dog with a Christmas present.  My USA map is 6 ¼” wide by 4″ tall so make sure you have a spot to put it.  He also sells North America maps that include the US and Canada.

What you get in your package.  Hawaii is included too but I forgot it in the picture.

What you get in your package. Hawaii is included too but I forgot it in the picture.

What you get in your package is the outline sticker of the US (or US and Canada).  And several sheets of stickers that include the states (and provinces) in multiple colors.  Nick recommends just cutting out the states you need one at a time so it’s easier to keep up with the ones you’re waiting to use.  It’s a two layer sticker system in that the main stickers are also covered in a sheet that is merely tacky to allow for positioning without touching the actual sticker.  Now I’m thinking I should’ve gotten one of the reflective kits, but I like the one I got.  As you travel to a state you merely just cut that state out (remember that time in school when they told you knowing geography might save your life?), put it in its spot and slowly take the clear protective cover off the top.  Nick even included a sheet with the silhouettes listed by color and name to make it even easier.  He even includes extra Rhode Islands because it’s so small!  I only have 8 states filled in and so far there isn’t a state next to another state of the same color and I’d bet this is done by design.  Since it’s been pretty cool I heated the spot where I was going to put the sticker using a hair dryer and not a heat gun.  I just wanted it warm and not hot.  I think the warmer surface made the sticker just a bit more pliable and helped it conform and adhere to the surface.  I put mine on the back of the 49 liter top case.  Why not brag about where you’ve ridden?  After all, we’re not “poker run riders”.  Two Wheel Vinyl also makes oval “GS” stickers in different sizes and colors.  If you ride a BMW you’ll know exactly what that sticker is.  Sadly they don’t have an “RT” sticker!  Pointing at the images below will show you the description and clicking on it will give the full-sized image.  Just use you’re browser’s back button to come back here.


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4 thoughts on “Where Have You Been?

  1. How doi contact them to order?


  2. I like poker runs too (-:


  3. I love the idea but here in Australia we only have 6 states and 2 territories. I only have WA to go. You should have a go at the American version of “I’ve been everywhere Man” although the towns could mostly be on the west coast, I’m not sure.
    Anyhow ride safe.


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