Bike Week

Things I learned at Bike Week

While down in Daytona Beach at Bike Week I noticed a few things.

  • Apparently revving your Harley Davidson’s engine might make a traffic light changed from red to green?
  • Apparently revving the engine on your Harley Davidson might make heavy traffic begin to move?
  • Do you really have to dress like a pirate to ride a Harley Davidson?
  • Metric V-twin motorcycles should not replace their original mufflers with drag or “straight” pipes in an effort to sound like a Harley Davidson.  It sounds pathetic.

I also got to see the new Harley Davidson reverse gear in action.  On Main Street in Daytona Beach, there is a lot of free street parking for motorcycles.  But there is a slight rounded curb to go over and back into the parking spaces.  I saw a female passenger get off, grab the luggage rack and pull the motorcycle backwards while the driver remained seated and pushed (I think).  I wish I had the video camera ready when I saw that!  I like the reverse BMW and Honda use better.

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Well we’re back from 2010 Daytona Beach Bike Week, billed as the world’s largest motorcycle event.  It also seems to be the world’s largest motorcycle and people show.  Think of it as Mardi Gras for motorcycles.  We ride the trip on the motorcycle.

When we left on Sunday morning it was a bit chilly but warmed up quickly and nicely.  By early afternoon we had even taken the liners out of our jackets.  We stopped at the Florida Welcome Center on I-75 and noticed a number of motorcycles being unloaded from trailers.  I guess now that they were in Florida, they wanted to be able to say “I rode mine!”  CHEATERS!  The term “I rode mine!” refers to riding from your departure location all the way to Daytona Beach.  I guess they were going to have their wife or girlfriend drive the truck and trailer the rest of the way.  We also noticed that quite a number of them also left their helmets in the trailers as Florida doesn’t require helmets under certain conditions such as age and insurance coverage.

Harley Davidson is still king of the crowd though.  Let’s face it, Harley can make a good looking motorcycle.  We saw more Harley Davidson Road Glides down there in 5 days than we’ve seen in 5 years at home and in our travels.  But there are motorcycles of every conceivable make and model down there along with riders to match them.  On more than one occasion we came out of somewhere to find our BMW K1200LT being admired.  And some of the people who were doing it have every piece of there visible clothing displaying Harley Davidson on it somewhere.

On the way down we met a guy at lunch who was riding his Honda Goldwing down.  He commented that if you live in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina or South Carolina you’ve got no excuse to put your touring motorcycle on trailer and take it to Bike Week, you should ride it, like it’s meant to be.

Main Street and Beach Street were a see of motorcycles as far as you could see.  The traffic also seemed to be a parade of motorcycles.  Yes, ours was there too.  We didn’t take near the number of pictures that we wanted to.  On more than one occasion Donna commented while riding that she wished she had put the camera in her pocket.  We rode “The Loop” while we were there and got our picture taken while doing so.

The weather was mainly cooperative while were there, being cool to warm and raining only early one morning.  But then the wind really blew in.  The trip home wasn’t too pleasant though.  It was clear and sunny and our riding gear was more than suited for the temperatures but we rode into a head wind nearly all the way home.  We could feel the wind buffeting the bike an awful lot.  The headwind really became apparent when the trip computer showed the gas mileage too.  On the way home we witnessed the classic “I rode mine.” and the “I went to Bike Week”.  We came up behind 2 guys on Harley Davidson Electra Glide Classics, and these bikes had definitely seen better days.  They were dirty and loaded down with camping gear (both the rider and the bike).  The bikes had Indiana plates on them and they were headed back north.  We exchanged waves as we passed.  Then later on we saw a Ford Excursion pulling a Harley Davidson Street Glide on trailer.  The bike, the trailer and the Excursion all had Georgia plates.  The county on the Excursion and the trailer was Fayette County, south of Atlanta.  He “went” to Bike Week.

But it is fun!


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Everything Looks Like A Go For Launch!

It looks like we’re all set to head to Bike Week in the morning.  The dogs have been taken to the kennel.  The Magic Carpet is all prepared for departure.  All we have to do now is pack and then load the bags into the motorcycle.  It looks like our departure will be a chilly one in the morning with the temperature right about 32 degrees but it should warm nicely and quickly on us.  We toyed with the idea of leaving today but it didn’t look fun at all.  We may have been riding through rain with temperatures about 45 for a good part of the way.  Temperatures in the mid 30’s and climbing with sunshine sure does sound better than steady cold and rain!

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