GPS Files

Here’s where you’ll find GPS files of some of the rides we’ve taken or been on.  We’ve included a link to get the file, description and most (if not all) will have a map image of the ride.  These files initially are in no particular order but once the page has been created, you’ll generally find the newest files at the top.  Many of these routes have also been uploaded to Sunday Morning Rides and if they have, you’ll also see a link to their page for the route.  If you’re interested in downloading any of these files you are welcome to so.  The files are in “GPX” format.

To download a GPS File:
To download a file just click on the link for the file.  You’ll then be taken to the Onedrive page for GPS files where the selected file will already be checked.  Then just select “download” from the colored Onedrive menu bar or right-click the checked file in the box and then select “download” and save the file to a location of your choosing.

Blue Ridge Parkway Figure 8

This is a nice “Figure 8” ride that starts and ends in Maggie Valley, NC. You’ll take the short ride to Waynesville and get on the Blue Ridge Parkway at about mile marker 26 and then head south to the end of the Parkway at Cherokee, NC. On this 26 mile stretch of the Parkway you’ll climb in altitude, have some nice sweeping curves, some sharp curves, a downward spiral curve and ride through some tunnels. Once in Cherokee you’ll take a curvy stretch of US HWY 19 back into Maggie Valley. This ride is 60 miles and should take just under an hour and half to complete.

Download this route.

View and download this route from Sunday Morning Rides.

Blue Ridge Parkway Figure 8

Hillbilly Drive

This is a short ride that you can use as a jumping off for other rides. It’s only 31 miles and takes about 45 minutes. It starts in the parking lot of the Dollar General on Howser Mill RD & Georgia HWY 53 in Dawsonville. You’ll head out to Georgia HWY 183 but first you’ll go past Hillbilly DR, just before the intersection with 183. Yes, Hillbilly DR, it’s a real street name. You’ll then head for Georgia HWY 136 and go over the mountain towards Talking Rock and Jasper. The route ends at Biguns BBQ on Carnes Mill RD or you can continue on to other destinations.

Download this route.

View and download this route from Sunday Morning Rides.

Hillbilly Drive




The Tail Of The Dragon

There is no GPS file associated with this route.  There’s a lot of hype about The Tail Of The Dragon, also know as Deal’s Gap.  It’s a stretch of US Highway 129 in North Carolina and Tennessee that boast “318 curves in 11 miles”.  They’re not lying either.  It can be a fun road to ride and it can also be very crowded.  For you motorcyclists who have never been there, here’s a bird’s-eye view of it from Google Earth.  The Deal’s Gap Resort, Store & Restaurant is at the lower right corner at the intersection of US 129 and NC 28.

The Tail Of The Dragon

The Tail Of The Dragon


Florida Highway 40

A friend had recommended to try a different route to a regular destination of ours in Florida.  The route takes us all the way down I-75 to Ocala, FL and then across to the beach using Florida Highway 40, taking you through the Ocala National Forest.  I’ll admit that it was a lot more scenic than the usual all interstate route but it did seem to take longer.  I’m used to seeing deer crossing signs but along FL HWY 40 I saw a lot of bear crossing signs.

Download this route.

Florida Highway 40 Route To The Beach.



Burnt Mountain to Brasstown Valley

This 92 mile jaunt begins in Jasper, GA and ends in Young Harris, GA. You’ll head across Burnt Mountain along with its curves and scenic overlooks before heading for Dahlonega. You’ll pass through Dahlonega and head for Turner’s Corner where you’ll turn left on US 129 and head up Blood Mountain and then onto Blairsville. This ride terminates at the Brasstown Valley Resort, where if you ride it on a Saturday has a nice pasta lunch buffet. There’s also plenty of good lunch spots along the way in Dahlonega, Turner’s Corner & Blairsville. If you want to keep going you can use this as a jumping off point for other rides in North Georgia or right up the road into North Carolina.

Download this route.

View and download this route from Sunday Morning Rides.

Burnt Mountain to Brasstown Valley.




This 77 mile ride will take you from Freehome, Georgia which is between Canton and Cumming to Chatsworth.  Once in Ellijay, you’ll head up and over Fort Mountain and its curves before arriving in Chatsworth.  This ride should take under 2 hours to complete.

Download this route.





Dahlonega, Lake Burton, Wolf Pen Gap & Suches

This 88 mile ride will begin in Dahlonega and take you to just north of Helen.  You’ll head up past come of the curves along Lake Burton before heading back south to Georgia Highway 180 and taking U.S. 129 for a short distance before turning onto the famed Wolf Pen Gap RD for some narrow sharp curves and a few hairpin turns.  The ride ends in Suches at an ethanol free gas station where you can turn right on Georgia HWY 60 for some more mountain curves or turn left and head back towards Dahlonega.  This right should take just over 2 hours.

Download this route.

Dahlonega, Lake Burton, Wolf Pen Gap & Suches.



The Iron Horse

Here’s a ride from Canton, GA to the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge in Stecoah, NC.  Plan on a day of riding for this route.  The route is only 185 miles but takes nearly 4 1/2 hours to complete because it uses the Cherohala Skyway to get there.

Download this route.

The Iron Horse.



Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway And Blood Mountain

This short 52 mile ride should only take about an hour to complete.  It starts north of Dahlonega near Rider’s Hill and will take you past Turner’s Corner before heading for the Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway with its grades and curves.  Depending on the time of year, the RBR may be closed because of snow or ice.  In the spring, let a thunderstorm or two wash the gravel off the road before riding it in “spirited” mode.  You’ll use Blood Mountain (U.S. HWY 129) to come back in the direction of Dahlonega.

Download this route.

Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway And Blood Mountain.



Six Gap Ride

This ride will take you across 6 “gaps” and is shaped like a figure eight.  The ride is 80 miles long but should take about 3 hours to complete!  You’ll start at the “Rock Pile” at US 19 and Georgia 60 bearing left for Turner’s Corner and US 129.  You’ll head out towards “Goats On The Roof” and Georgia 17 heading north for its well maintained curves.  You’ll find and come across Georgia 180 and Wolf Pen Gap RD.  In Suches, you’ll head back to the beginning and Dahlonega on Georgia 60 and some more curves.

Download this route.

Six Gap Ride.



Wolf Pen Gap Road

Here’s a ride that will start south of Jasper in Tate and head for Dawsonville before heading for Dahlonega and Georgia Highway 60.  In Suches you’ll turn on the locally famous Wolf Pen Gap RD before taking US 129 to Blairsville for lunch or more riding.  This route is 73 miles and should take about an hour and a half.

Download this route.

Wolf Pen Gap Road.



Gold And Cabbage

This short ride of 41 miles from its beginning point to end can easily be made in a morning or afternoon. The ride starts in Dahlonega, Georgia, the site of the country’s first gold rush, a the corner of Georgia HWY 9 & US HWY 19. You’ll continue north on US 19 going past Rider’s Hill and then bearing right, staying on US 19 and the Indian Mound. Stay on US 19 and it will dead-end at US 129 where the Turner’s Corner Cafe located and is a great lunch stop. Turn right and head for Cleveland, Georgia and you’ll go past “Babyland General” the home of the Cabbage Patch Kids dolls. Continue on into Cleveland taking Georgia HWY 115 towards Dahlonega again. GA 52 will merge with 115 stay on GA 52 and take it right back into Dahlonega.

Download this route.

View and download this route from Sunday Morning Rides.

Gold And Cabbage.



Blood Mountain And Unicoi Loop

We’re starting near Dahlonega again for this 71 mile, 2 hour ride that looks like a balloon on a string.  You’ll go up Blood Mountain which is U.S. 129 and then head over to Georgia 17 before coming south and heading back for Turner’s Corner and Dahlonega, retracing some of  your route.

Download this route.

Blood Mountain And Unicoi Loop.



Iron Horse VIA The Nanthala Gorge.

Here’s another route from near Canton to the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge.  This one will take you through the scenic Nantahala River gorge, the venue for white water rafting during the 1996 Olympics.  This route is 151 miles and should get you there in 3 hours.

Iron Horse Using The Nantahala Gorge.



Turner’s Corner And Lake Burton Loop

This route starts out between Turner’s Corner and Cleveland, GA as were headed from Dahlonega and the area of Turner’s Corner. Take GA HWY 75 Alt and you’ll go past “Goats On The Roof”, you’ll know what I mean as you pass it. Then head back north on GA 17 towards Hiawassee along the Chattahoochee River where it’s more like a creek. Enjoy the curves and hair-pin turns on GA 17 which is a very nicely maintained road. Once on the outskirts of Hiawassee you’ll take US 76 towards Clayton. Before getting to Clayton though, you’ll come back south on GA 197 riding the curves and hills along Lake Burton. The lake will be visible for a portion of the ride as will marinas. When you get to GA HWY 356 as you come into Batesville, you’ll turn right and take it back down to GA HWY 17 where if you turn left will take you right into Helen or turning right will take you back towards Turner’s Corner and Dahlonega.  This ride is 60 miles and should take about an hour and a half.

Download this route.

View and download this route Sunday Morning Rides.

Turner’s Corner And Lake Burton Loop.



The Gauntlet

A 130 mile jaunt across both sides of Georgia Highway 515 in North Georgia.  Because of its curves and speed limits this ride takes nearly 4 hours to complete!

Download this file.

View this ride and download it from Sunday Morning Rides.

The Gauntlet.



Whistle Stop Café

Here’s a ride to the Whistle Stop Cafe in Julette, Georgia where the 1991 movie, “Fried Green Tomatoes” was filmed. Yes, the cafe has fried green tomatoes.

This ride begins in Dawsonville and along the way you’ll go through Gainesville, Hoschton, Winder, Monroe, Social Circle and Monitcello. While this ride does not have the twisting turns of northern Georgia, it’s a fun and scenic ride through the farm country and pecan tree groves of central Georgia. You’ll see ante bellum homes in the cities you ride through. The route is all state highways and local roads while you pass under or over 3 different interstate highways. You can basically begin this ride anywhere along the route. Even thought the GPS file has it, once on Juliette RD you’ll turn right at the fire station (and before the RR track) to head down to the cafe and shops in the area.

This ride is 115 miles and should take about 2 1/2 hours to complete. If you’re pressed for time returning home, Forsyth, GA and I-75 are only 10 miles away for a quicker route home. The restaurant can get busy on weekends so be prepared for a short wait.

Download this route.

View this route with pictures and download it from Sunday Morning Rides.

Whistle Stop Cafe.


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