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A Little BMW Motorrad History

Well obviously we ride a BMW Motorcycle.  BMW has been making motorcycles since 1924, longer than they have been making cars.  They originally made airplane engines but the Treaty of Versailles ending WWI ended that for them.  I was looking on BMW.TV and found a 3 part series of milestone videos for BMW Motorrad and wanted to share a bit of a history lesson as I sit here with a Winter Storm Watch in effect.





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It’s Raining So Let’s Have Some Fun

We’re in our second day of rain here.  Today I had to cancel a group ride for my Blue Knights Chapter because of the forecast of thunderstorms.  So I figured I’d look on BMW.TV and found two videos about the BMW S1000RR.  These videos are from BMW and use professional riders.

Our first video is called “The Oldest Trick In The World”.  We’ve nearly all seen the tablecloth pulled out from under the dishes but have you seen in in XXXL?  Did they really do it?  Was it a trick?

They have the “burn out pits” at Sturgis and Bike Week.  Why not do one the BMW S1000RR?  This one has a pretty funny ending.

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How Is Your Helmet Made And Tested?

It doesn’t matter what you ride, this is a pretty interesting video about the building and testing of BMW Motorrad helmets.  I never knew that they cut the openings and holes with water!  This video is from  For some reason I don’t think those tiny little “beanie” helmets are made this way.

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How’s This For A Winter Ride?

You think you have it tough to ride in the winter?  Take a look at this 2 part video from BMW.TV about a winter trip a pair took to the Canadian Arctic with each riding a BMW F800GS.  This is a ride that I would never want to do!  But to each his own I guess.  So sit back this winter with a nice warm drink of your choice and enjoy this 2 part video along with some magnificent scenery of Canada in the winter.


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