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Meatball Surgery

When we bought the K1200LT we later found the CB radio did not transmit or receive (not even the weather frequencies).  Now the weather band wasn’t an issue because the motorcycle’s stereo system also had a weather radio.  The CB that BMW used in 2002 and even later was Midland handheld radio that was wired into the system.  I replaced the radio with a newer model and wired it in.  It received transmissions great!  But for some reason would not transmit.  Now mind you, I could push the transmit button on the radio itself in the glove compartment and speak into the speaker on the radio but that’s not easy to do while you’re going down the road.  Midland had also swapped the size of the plugs on the mic and the speakers for the internal wiring.  I eventually found that there was some capacitor or resistor in square little box buried deep in the bowel of the bike  that had been changed also that would only work with the older, now discontinued CB radio.

Well since we got the Scala Rider Bluetooth intercom it wouldn’t work with the wire CB radio anyway.  So today I played Major Frank Burns from M*A*S*H and did a little bit of meatball surgery, removing the CB from the glove compartment and the antenna from the rear.  I now have all kinds of room in the glove box, which by the way, the translated German owner’s manual refers to as the oddments box.  The oddments box is also where the hand torch is stored.

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