The R1200RT Now Has A Name

Our BMW R1200RT now has a name.  Naming motorcycles is not as unusual as you think.  For example, the R1200RT’s predecessor, our K1200LTE was “The Magic Carpet”.  Since the motorcycle is German in origin the name of our R1200RT is “Die Eule” (pronounced dee oila) which in English is “The Owl”.  How did it come to be named Die Eule?  Well to understand how it got its name just take a look at the picture below.

This might give you an ideal of how the R1200RT got named "The Owl".

This might give you an ideal of how the R1200RT got named “The Owl”.

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6 thoughts on “The R1200RT Now Has A Name

  1. Cool name… I like it a lot…

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  2. Very cool! What a great similarity between the owl and the headlight array. Besides, owls are just huber cool birds of prey. I guess you’ll be getting plenty of blank stares when you tell folks the RT’s name………….”Die whaaaat?”


  3. That is great, I’ve named mine also and sometimes wonder why I choose these names for the different bikes I’ve had!


  4. What a likeness. Good name.


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